ISIS new propaganda video: ‘Meeting at Dabiq’

ISIS Meeting at Dabiq
ISIS Meeting at Dabiq

The Islamic State ISIS has released a new propaganda video showing its apocalyptic vision of a final showdown with the West, which includes jihadists advancing toward the Colosseum in Rome, according to the Daily Mail.

The chilling footage, named ‘Meeting at Dabiq’, is focused on the notion of a deadly battle for world domination, in which ISIS ‘believers’ will fight western ‘crusaders’ in the Italian capital.

Filmed in Iraq, it depicts the terror group’s shock troops and gunners charging out of armored personnel carriers, before opening fire on practice targets, such as Special Forces units.

It also features a peculiar scene showing a militant trying to look dignified on horseback, and clips of jihadists exchanging hugs as they depart on suicide missions, according to the Daily Mirror.

As they embrace, a caption on the screen reads: ‘Goodbye to the companions.’

At one point in the footage, 60 national flags are shown. They apparently represent the countries ISIS claims to be at war with, including Britain, France, Australia, the U.S., as many others.

And in a digitally-altered scene, an ISIS armoured unit is filmed heading toward the Colosseum.

The male narrator describes how militants will destroy the ‘crusader’ sites.

‘This is your last crusade, the next time it is us who will take the battle on your own land,’ he says.

As well as the famous amphitheatre, St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City also features in the footage.

Other scenes show jihadists kissing the foreheads of their dead comrades, praying on the sand, shooting guns and carrying ISIS’s black-and-white flag as they travel on foot and in their vehicles.

Some of them are seen comfortably wearing suicide vests, as if they were wearing normal jackets.

The militants are also captured carrying out training exercises (including one that sees them practice how to slit an enemy’s throat), firing grenades at practice targets, and even preparing food.

In relation to the name given to the video, ‘Dabiq’ refers to the location where ISIS believes it will eventually face its enemies in a showdown, after which the apocalypse will reportedly begin.

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