Khamis Farhan Ali Al-Khanjar – supporter and funder of terrorism










Khamis Farhan Ali Al-Khanjar – supporter and funder of terrorism

Khamis Farhan Ali Al-Khanjar supports and funds terrorism. He has spoken more than once about his support of ISIS extremists and when pressed provides ambiguous answers. The fact is that he is not only financially supporting ISIS leaders but outwardly and publicly applauding them.

He stands on a platform for the creation of a unified Iraq where Shiite, Sunni, and Kurds could live together without segregating, but asserts this could only be achieved after the defeat of Isis. He cannot mean this statement. Why? Because it is his financing that helped to launch ISIS into its position of power in Iraq, and that helped to launch ISIS into Syria at the start of Bashar Assad led civil war. It was his influence and family connections within the Iraqi Parliament that allowed him to move almost undetected behind the scenes in orchestrating the power imbalance that would ultimately lead to creating ISIS. Khamis once operated alongside Saddam Hussein and enjoyed the benefits of residing within the inner circle of Iraq’s upper echelon.

Khamis was the secretary general for the Al-Karame faction, an organized group who sought to eliminate Prime Minister Maliki on the basis that his regime was built on pillars of terror. When it was discovered that he had ties to extremist and violent criminal groups he fled the country. Their own argument was used against them when their ties to extremist and violent criminal groups like ISIS were uncovered. Khamis uses his NGO’s as covers for money laundering and embezzlement schemes.

His Al-Khanjar organization receives funding from the Humanitarian Response. A budget of $169 948.10 is awarded to the supposed NGO located in Erbil Iraq. Money meant to go to two school houses is more likely being used to outfit militia fighters with provisions. Close friend and political associate, Jamal al-Karboli is the elected president of the Red Crescent in Iraq and presumed to be using his “legitimate” status to conceal his real motives. Through his position in the Red Crescent, Karboli has nearly unlimited access to resources, both financial and public. It is our understanding that he assists Khanjar in transporting active insurgents into the European Union.

In fear of Article 4 of Iraqs anti-terrorism law that would penalize Khanjar with the full force of Iraq legality. According to Article 4, the litigant will receive the death penalty for any of the below actions; carrying out a terrorist act, planning a terrorist act, assisting with or promoting a terrorist act. Financially supporting and shielding suspected terrorists is also penalized severely.

In fear for his life Khanjar has taken to hiding in Romania under protection of the government there who are either willingly or unknowingly allowing him to continue his smuggling and trafficking of terrorists.

Sheikh Khamis al-Khanjar styles himself as a prominent and legitimate Iraqi business man who has established countless charities to boost the Sunni cause. The truth is that Khanjar is a supporter of ISIS and uses his wealth to purchase weapons and fund the radical terror group. Khamis holds a land title for land in Romania that once belonged to former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and his Ba’athist political group.

This massive farm land is a front for illegal money laundering and trafficking of illicit substances and weapons throughout Europe. Khanjar is on a watch list for terrorist factions in the European Union, but managed to get Romanian citizenship.

A wanted terrorist

Khamis Al-Khanjar is a terrorist wanted by several countries for criminal charges. Linked to ISIS he is a supporter of the terrorist organization The Muslim Brotherhood and the Hamas as well. Khanjar uses his wealth to influence political parties and militia groups. His wealth was achieved through smuggling and illegal trade and there is considerable doubt in his loyalties. Khamis’ name is on an international watch list for terror and should be considered highly dangerous.

Khamis is also proved to have also financed the Hamas movement in Israel.

Khamis likes to claim he is a “sheikh”, a member of a prominent Iraqi family but this couldn’t be further from the truth. His father Farhan was a shepherd and sheep smuggler on the Iraqi border. Khamis grew up poor and in the shadow of his more successful older brother, Abud. His brother was executed when the American invaded Iraq and the family name is tarnished by their criminal actions and ties to international terror organizations. His upbringing led to his thirst for power and influence. Khamis will stop at nothing to make a name for himself and has more enemies in the Middle East than allies. Khamis was a close friend growing up to two of Saddam Hussein’s sons, and narrowly escaped his own death when American forces took Iraq. He has a warrant for his arrest issued by the Jordanian government after he was found conspiring to take control of Jordanian factories and collapse the economy in 2014.

Khamis runs OASRI, AL-Khanjar Development Foundation, The Iraqi Center for Strategic Studies and others, most of which are suspected to be covers for money laundering schemes that funnel their earnings directly to terror organizations in Iraq, Iran, and Qatar. Khamis should be banned from entering the United States and has no current address as he is currently on the run for his life. His family was rumored to be residing in Jordan but have since been lost to intelligence sources. Khamis Al- Khanjar is believed to be a key player in several criminal groups and businesses operating as fronts for weapons smuggling and international crime.

Khamis relies on his money to buy him influence and power and then uses this power to further his personal goals. Khamis had in the past and maintains strong ties to the family of Saddam Hussein. He was a close ally and friend to both Uday and Qusay Hussein.

Uday Hussein and Khamis were the organizers of a cigarette smuggling ring in Iraq prior to the American invasion. Uday Hussein entrusted Khamis with $700 Million in anticipation of the arrival of US forces in Iraq. $700 million that came through criminal intimidation and murder. The money was never seen again and was likely used to finance terror through Khmais’s associates. Khamis created the Al-Rafidain Broadcasting Corporation that operates in Cairo for the sole purpose of spewing anti-American sentiment and promoting the Muslim Brotherhood. The Hayat Al-Ulama Al-Muslimin is supported by Al-Rafidain. This association of Muslim Scholars gives money to the families of martyrs and those captured by American military. ​

Khanjar’s stunning PR Campaign

Sheik Khamis Al-Khanjar pays expert advertising agencies and Public Relations firms to craft a positive campaign. He purchases broadcasting stations that will air only his approved messages like Al-Rafidan or Al Fallujah currently do. He placed his family members in positions of power within his companies to ensure that the public is kept in the dark about it like son Sarmad al-Khanjar, the manager of the Al-Khanjar Foundation for Educational Development. And most importantly, when directly questioned about your past and connections to terrorists – deny it all.

In an interview with The Daily Beast from March of 2016 reporter Michael Weiss quotes an anonymous source who refers to Khanjar as “probably the most thoughtful Sunni Arab [he’s] ever met” but in the next sentence refers to Khanjars sordid past as a mere smudge on an otherwise perfect record.

The truth is Khamis began his career as a smuggler early on, working closely with Uday Hussein under the watchful eye of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. He rose among the ranks of the Baathist party and made it out of Iraq with $700 million dollars in “investment funds” that provided him with the seed money needed to launch his businesses and his political career. As Iraqi elections approach his positive campaign is in full swing and his spokespeople are feverishly batting away allegations of support for both ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood. However if recent meetings between Iraq’s political leaders are any indication of the success of his campaign then there is still a long way to go before the public believes in his innocence. The Sadrist Political committee hopes to secure an alliance with the Allawi government and both groups approved banning Al-Khanjar and his political party, The Arab Project from attending recent meetings.

The Arab Project and Khanjar want an independent Sunni state in Iraq, at any cost. At any cost for Khamis includes terrorizing civilians, smuggling arms across the Iraqi border to militia groups, and back room deals with Qatar and Turkey to ensure their interests in Iraq will be served in return for their cooperation.

Khanjar carries himself well in interviews, he represents himself as a businessman with a sense of fairness and responsibility to his people. He pays over $65,000 a month to a Washington DC firm to lobby in favor of his cause and represent him favorably.

Khamis parades around on a platform lobbying for the creation of a unified Iraq where Shiite, Sunni, and Kurds could live together without fear of partitioning land. He asserts this could only be achieved after the defeat of ISIS. This statement is ludicrous however because it is his financing that has indeed helped introduce ISIS into positions of power in Iraq and Syria.

He unabashedly used his influence within foreign governemnts and connections within the Iraqi Parliament to move almost undetected behind the scenes in orchestrating a power imbalance that lead to the birth of ISIS. Khamis has always enjoyed the benefits of residing within the inner circle of Iraq’s upper echelon and has shown he will do anything he needs to in order to maintain these privileges.

Terrorism as family game

Khamis Al-Khanjar takes advantage of principle of Zakat as a distraction for his real mission. He accepts money from innocent people who believe they are donating to charities and then funnels that some money into terror cells. There are two men who are essential: Dr. Mohammed Ayash Al- Kubaisi and his brother Dr. Mustafa Ayash Al-Kubaisi.

Mohammed acts as the European spokesman and a most vocal proponent of Hayat al-Ulama al-Muslimin, known popularly as the Association for Muslim Scholars. The Muslim Scholars Association in Iraq was founded four days after the fall of Saddam Hussein’s Ba’athist regime and tries to represent all Sunnis in the country. The force promotes their cause by any means, including violence, and at any cost.  This organization has not surprisingly been charged several times for incitement and sadly is the most widely followed religious organization in Iraq. Its leader, Harith al-Dhari was wanted for criminal charges under section 4 of Iraq’s anti-terror legislation.

This organization claims to not support terrorism but Dr. Mohammed Ayash al-Kubaisi is in fact listed as a terrorist financier on a GAFTA watch list. These are the associates of Khamis Khanjar. These are his loyal supporters and these men are the most entrenched in radical Islam. They have been reduced to a single mission, make Iraq a nation of Sunni only, no matter how high the death toll reaches.

Mohammed vehemently supported the heavy fighting in Fallujah prior to its fall and violently opposes any foreign involvement Iraq. He has spoken time and time again against the United States government and his only desire is for an Islamic state in Iraq. Al-Kubaisi is affiliated with Khanjar through a television station that Khanjar owns, Al-Rafidain in Cairo. Al-Rafidain’s major objective is to give voice to The Muslim Brother Hood and The Association of Muslim Scholars. These are extremely radical groups that disseminate false information and are encouraged to do so through Khamis. Khamis has an intimate connection to Mohammed through his younger brother Mustafa Ayash al-Kubaisi.

Mustafa is an extremely close associate and trusted employee of Khanjar. Mustafa Ayash is the CEO of his Turkish NGO, the Al-Khanjar Foundation for Educational Development. The foundation recruits young children and easily manipulates them for its’ terrorist programming. Run under the guise of education and hope for the Sunni people in Iraq, the organization is likely a school for grooming extremists. The flagship location for recruitment is located in Turkey and run by Khanjar’s son Sarmad Khamis al-Khanjar. There is a document proudly uploaded on Facebook page for the Foundation for Educational Development where it is clearly evident that Sarmad has donated a large sum of money to ISIS fighters. Mustafa and Khamis are the cofounders of a political organization called Mushrua al-Arabi that operates in Iraq and seeks to gain momentum. Through these political ties, and various organizations around the globe, Khamis will build his influence and will eliminate any resistance to his plans. ​

Khamis Al-Khajar and dark dealings with Qatar

Hundreds of millions of dollars were stolen from the Iraqi people, money that rightfully belonged to the nation that just disappeared into thin air. This money inevitably returns to the people but not in the form of grants or much needed foreign aid. It comes in the form of bombs and bullets, plague and devastation. Who is to blame for such mass destruction and mayhem?  What criminal is masterminding such an evil plan? None other than the shrewd businessman and self-righteously proclaimed Sheik, Khamis al-Khajar.

After he made away with hundreds of millions of dollars just before the fall of Iraq in 2003, money that came from the family safe of Saddam Hussein, Al-Khanjar began to squirrel away his money around the world but most notably in Qatar. His choice was no coincidence. Qatar is the undeniable headquarter of global terrorism. Khanjar started depositing large sums of criminal assets and laundered cash in a branch of Al-Attihad bank in Qatar. Once his finances were in order he began drawing up his terrorist plans with the assistance of several Qatari Princes. Khamis exploits his NGO’s, which he has claimed to be purely operating for public benefit. In reality, these operations serve as fronts to divert funds to terror factions in Iraq. This scheme has proven to be successful because Qatari interests converge with the interests of our subject perfectly, an only Sunni state in Iraq.

The Qataris claim that their interests lie in charity but there is suspicion surrounding this. Qatar gave Khamis al-Khanjar money that he was supposed to be transferring to the needy and victims of terror, but the irony is he actually gave it to those same people who contribute to making Iraq poor. Khamis campaigns under the cover of the word Sheikh, while actually orchestrating the slaughter of the innocent. All this destruction and deception done in the pursuit of political domination. The sovereignty of Iraq and the control of its wealth are hung precariously between business deals between Qatar and Al-Khanjar. While millions of dollars have already been lost, and the proof is there for all to see, if they would just open their eyes to how the Qataris have been fooled by this sweet talking smuggler. Khamis transferred cash directly to terrorist groups he is affiliated with like ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The relationship between the Al-Khanjar and the Qataris has grown over the last years and peaked with the awarding of his Qatari passport in 2012. This nationality enables Khamis to transfer money without question to the terrorist organizations in Iraq directly from its sources in Qatar. The Qataris believe in developing organizations based on the principles of the Muslim Brotherhood and use Al-Khanjar to spread their influence and control across the Islamic world.

Khamis Farhan Ali Al-Khanjar supports terrorism around the world. Khamis Al-Khanjar funds terrorism with blood money and illicit transactions. He has been very vocal about his support of ISIS extremists and through his influence he has put many of the top ISIS henchmen in positions of power. When pressed for details on his involvement, Al-Khanjar consistently provides convoluted and vague answers. There is irrefutable proof that he is not only monetarily backing ISIS rebels but outwardly and publicly applauding them to media outlets.


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