Pakistan test-fired a Shaheen-III missile

Pakistani ShaheenIII missile launch
Pakistani ShaheenIII missile launch

Pakistan test-fired a Shaheen-III, a surface-to-surface intermediate-range nuclear ballistic missile on Friday, Dec. 11, 2015, the country’s military reported.

The missile was fired at the Arabian Sea and traveled 2,750 km, its reported maximum range, said the Pakistani Army’s press service ISPR.

“The successful flight test with its impact point in the Arabian Sea, validating all the desired parameters, was witnessed by senior officers from Strategic Plans Division, Strategic Forces, scientists and engineers of Strategic Organizations,” the ISPR said in a statement.

Top Pakistani military and civilian officials, including President Mamnoon Hussain and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, congratulated scientists and engineers on the successful test, it added.

Pakistan’s military says the missile can carry a nuclear warhead and reach all corners of India, as well as the Middle East and other places.

Friday’s testing comes just two days after Islamabad hosted a regional peace conference that called for the resumption of negotiations between the Kabul government and the Taliban.

The military says the test meant to “validate various design and technical parameters” of the Shaheen-III, which was first test-fired in March.

Lt. Gen Mazhar Jamil, who attended the launch, said Pakistan desires a peaceful coexistence of the nations in the region.

The Shaheen-III is the latest version of the solid-propellant missile that Pakistan developed as in counterpart to India’s Agni-III missile. Its range allows Pakistan to hit targets anywhere in India. Islamabad conducted the first public test of the system in March this year.

India and Pakistan are longtime foes engaged in a regional arms race, stemming from a conflict dating back to Britain’s partitioning of its Indian protectorate into what now are India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The two nations have fought four wars since then and still see occasional border conflicts. Both have nuclear weapons and missiles capable of delivering them.

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